October Committee Meeting

Batchwood Hall Golf Club
Minutes of Co
mmittee Meeting held on Monday 9th October 2017


Present: Dave McLean, Graham Harvey, Alan Williams, John Bruley, David Piper, Jon Clapham, Paul Manito, Grant Harbour, Brian Gathern, Brian Parkes, Noel Ragunathan, Ann Holahan, Nick Sheppard.

Apologies: None.

The Vice-Captain took the chair and welcomed those present at 7.30pm.

Matters arising from September Meeting
Brian Parkes asked if it could be added that at the last meeting he was asked to look into the fining system operated by the council to 1-Life.

With no other matters arising from the September meeting they were approved. Proposed by Grant Harbour and seconded by Noel Ragunathan. All present were in favour.

Captain’s Report
This report is the penultimate one that I shall be making to the committee as my final one will be at AGM.  Again I’d like to thank committee members for their time and efforts and thank those of you who have supported me throughout the year.

Congratulations to the winners of the 3 Mens’ Medals: 

Div. 1 - Mark Wilson 74/67

Div. 2 - David Croft 94/69 

5 Day - Bob Gilder 91/72

There have also been several finals with Brian Gathern winning The Coronation Cup, Alf Featherstone winning The Summer Cup and Michael Harber winning The Senior Summer Cup. Congratulations to all of them.

The Presidents Cup was won this year by Steve Hewitt with scores of 36 & 35 points. Congratulations to him for two consistent rounds.

We have the year ending HFL Needle Shield, which is being played at Bushey GCC this year. I have sent out the proposed starting format to team members and will be informing all of their designated start times tomorrow.

We are also having a Music Quiz night on Saturday 21st October. Please sign up for what will be a good evening with buffet food for £5 per person.

The annual Mens International Day is  also due to be played on 21st October, but due to  busy schedules we may need to move this in order to get enough support for the day. I have noted from our calendar that there is a 1-2-1-2 Whitehall stableford competition on Saturday 28th and a 90% pair’s stableford competition on Saturday 11th November and would like to consider the contingency of playing the International Day on either of those dates should we not get teams for 21/10.

I will talk with relevant officials after meeting as I only thought of this today.

This is a busy time of the year for us as we have year-end accounts to prepare, present and have approved after auditing.  Brian is working hard on the accounts and if anyone needs support/help in order to facilitate this please ask.

We have a society on Thursday and I will be doing the food for them after they have played. I am awaiting confirmation as to whether they need anything before they play. We have had several societies this year and this has provided good income for us. I hope we will be able to build on this next year as feedback has been very good so far.

I was unable to attend the September meeting and although I sent a report you will have subsequently received an email from me airing my views on a couple of items you discussed at said meeting. I am a great believer that decisions made by committees should be supported by all committee members regardless of personal views. However, as I was not at the meeting I felt it important that in my role as Chair /Captain the committee heard my views. 

We have set a precedent that, although in line with our constitution, opens us to having to give back fees/comps in a range of circumstances. I will propose a change to our constitution that removes/changes the last sentence (from section 10 i) as I feel we need to tighten this up. The committee will always have the ability to look at any future requests on a case by case basis without compunction regardless.

The committee also discussed the forthcoming Dinner Dance and whether or not this should be subsidised by BHGC to the amount of £10. I am unaware of the current price being quoted by The Irish Club, but reiterate my position on this by stating that I strongly disagree. We ran very close to the wire on this one last year and I feel that we need to make a firm decision on this. I will take on board committees’ views on whether or not to use the said facility or go for an Awards Evening here at the club. Should we decide to confirm the Irish Club I will use all my powers of persuasion to sell the event in order to get the minimum number of attendees AND the money beforehand.  

Just for comparison I can get prices for other venues but we are too late for these I feel so our options are limited but need to be finalised by end of meeting tonight.

Finally I’d like to formally congratulate Paul Manito on agreeing to become David Pipers’ Vice Captain. Congratulations Paul and good luck!!!

Lady Captain’s Report
It has been another generally good month on the weather front and a busy month for competitions. I had my Captain’s day on Tuesday 12th and my thanks to our Club Captain, Malcolm Toal, Peter Smith and Brian Gathern for all their help and also to Chiew and Aimee who helped me prepare the tables etc.  We were blessed with good weather and everyone had a great time.  I was really pleased that Joan Fair, Yvonne Waldron and Audrey Field joined us for lunch.

We welcome Sarah Pretorius to our ladies section and we are delighted that she has joined our club.

Congratulations to Mark Todd and Lorraine White, winners of the Hawtree Salver with 38 points.  The runners up with 33 points were Noel Ragunathan and Jean Sam.

The September Medal winner was Fran Toal with a net 72. Runner up was Lorraine White with net 76.  Daily Mail foursomes winners were Jean Sam and Lorraine White and runners up were Jean Williams and Chris Jones.

Unfortunately we lost our match against Redbourn.

Captain’s 4BBB was played on Sunday and the winners were Sheila Burton and Jean Williams. The runners up on count back were Jean Sam and Janet Mountain.

The Berkhamsted plate was played on Tuesday 26th and was well supported.  It grieves me to have to congratulate the men on their win (2nd year running) but well done anyway.  My thanks to Jon Clapham for his help and also the ladies who helped in my absence.  Thanks to Brian Gathern for providing bacon rolls and doing the bar. 

We are organizing a Social Evening at the Club on Tuesday 31st October.  Bob Reitemeier will be giving a talk on The Samuel Rider Foundation.  All welcome.  There will be a nominal charge of £3.  A signup sheet is on the notice board in the lobby.

There are two mixed competitions next month - Ladies v Gents on Saturday 11th November and the Texas Scramble on Tuesday 14th November.  Please check the Notice Board. 

Membership Report
No report.

David said that he had not been able to give this his full support this year, due to captain’s duties, but would be happy to continue next year.

Treasurer’s Report
End of year accounts

Due to late submissions I have not been able to bank money before the Sept 30th end of year closing date. It may not be possible to include these in this year’s accounts but I will check with the accountant if there is a workaround.

Late submissions:

    • Till Validations for Week 49, 50, 51 and 52 submitted on 6-10-17 

    • Stock take for clothing submitted with final quantities only organiser unable to provide numbers for purchases and sales.

    • Stock take for the bar submitted 8-10-17.

    • Breakfast club takings for July, Aug and Sept 17 not yet submitted.

    • Bar levy report from the Till not yet submitted. 

    • Football cards for Week 49, 50, 51 and 52 submitted on 6-10-17

    • Staff time sheets for Aug & Sept received 6-10-17 

    • H-I-O insurance money currently held will be included in next year’s accounts

NAPGC Match Fees – List of NAPGC matches now received – as anticipated we have made a loss due to not collecting Mens NAPGC match fees.

Golf Society Catering – well done to all involved – we made a good income.

Maximum expenditure limit – a reminder that we agreed that any  expenditure over £100 not already agreed in the year’s budget should be  brought to the committee for approval.

Event Reports – A reminder that all organisers of events held in the name  of this club have to produce reports of income and expenditure – Seniors  Captains Day, Dinner Dance, quiz night and Paul Lamonds Xmas golf day  etc. I have provided Performa’s please complete these within 7 working  days after the event.

Dinner Dance – if we proceed and subsidise the Dinner Dance with £10pp  then taking other expenditure such as disco. Raffle prizes, crackers and  flowers etc. into account the loss to the club is estimated close to £1000  based on 70 members signing up.

No action has been taken re the till maintenance insurance – as I have  reported previously we are exposed to major disruption if the till goes  wrong.

The seniors account audit was not completed last year – I have agreed  with JC that it will be done this year at the end of this year.

Food Hygiene – the club is now serving food in a variety of ways – during  club opening hours, breakfast club, golf club society catering etc. – we  should be aware of the laws that affects our business. The FSA food  hygiene booklet explains about good food hygiene practice. It is essential  for us to sell food that is safe to eat and to protect our business and obey  the law. I suggest BG and NR look into this and report back at the next  committee meeting.

Breakfast Club money – the committee needs to decide if this money does  not have to be put into the club bank account and can be spent separately  by the members running the Club. Decision made by the committee - this  money should go into the club bank account.

VAT Deregistration – I have been in contact with Mercer & Hole their  response is as follows:

As the auditors of BHGC we are unable to make what would be considered  to be ‘management decision’s due to the Ethical standards we are required  to follow. We can advise as we have done below and we can assist in any  communications with HMRC, but that is as much as we can do.

I will be asking M&H to assist with a letter to HMRC and once the  response has been received the committee will have to make a decision if  the club should deregister for VAT.


Five Day Report
The September medal was won by Roger Amess with a net 73 closely followed
by Paul Lamond with a 74.

Bob Gilder won the October medal with a net 72 from Stan Dear with a 77.

In the first of the knockout finals Stan Dear defeated Ivor Thomas in the John Wareing singles. In both the Maidment Doubles and Random Pairs, one semi-final remains to be 
played with matches scheduled for the next 2 Thursdays.

In both the Ray Fair Gross and Eric Simpson Nett eclectics, Alan Williams is in the lead at present, followed by Jan Prosvic

John Merriman was the clear winner of the Over 65's strokeplay competition with a net 66.

Following a number of late withdrawals from last week's competition, Thursday players have been contacted to remind them of the procedure involved for cancelling a tee time so that other members have the chance to book into those places.


Senior Captain’s Report
In September we had a competition against the ladies section, competing for the ‘Berkhamsted Plate’. It was competed on a pairs BB stableford basis and the match was won by the senior men, who retained the plate.

My away golf day at Aldwickbury Park on 20th October progress report is that I have around 30 names of which just over half have confirmed. I must have final numbers next week weekend and will be reminding those who have put their names down to play and have not yet paid to confirm or not as the case will be.


I will meet my Aldwickbury contact this week to go over the plan for the day. It is not too late to sign up.


I will be suggesting dates for senior matches against Little Hay and Rickmansworth to their representatives for 2018 and when we have settled dates that will be 9 clubs that we are due to play in 2018 as against 7 this year.


Competition Secretary’s Report
Summer Competitions are on track to be completed by end of October, most finals already played.


Winter 2017/2018 competitions are now posted on the Web, and should be played as soon as possible; I will post printed copies on the Noticeboard on Sat 21st Oct.


We are working to implement a ruling regarding the unseasonable “soggy” areas around some parts of the course, i.e. from 12th Tee. This will allow dropping to nearest point of relief in the rough, but only if a stance can’t be taken without sliding/slipping, and will be agreed by playing partners, however delayed due to recent improved weather. It is expected that Green-keeping staff will move 12 tee to the upper Tee position after the Oct medal. 


Members are not reading the screen prompts, when signing in for competitions on Master Scoreboard, particularly on Medal weekends, when the Captains Charity Box is selected but they are not putting Money in the envelopes. This weekend the contribution is approximately £25 short. 


GH to prepare a list of the 2016/2017 competition winners and provide to Captain to allow purchase of trophies for end of year presentations.


GH to prepare a list of trophy winners for Brian Gathern to enable the Honours Boards to be updated.


GH and PS met with ISS, One Life and Stuart Foster on Fri 6th Oct, with a view to tour the course, and make note of possible future improvements to the Course. i.e. restructuring of several bunkers etc. GH took rough notes and these will be collated into a report to be presented to committee, so we can discuss and develop a top 5 wish list, next best wish list etc. Note these recommendations will be subject to money being made available by the Council. This of course is long term plan, with any improvements likely to be spread over 5 - 10 years to implement. Also I am not expecting to present the data until the New Year due to Accounts and AGM taking up most of the time at the next two Committee meetings. 


Honorary Secretary’s Report
John’s two main areas of work at the moment are the forthcoming AGM in December and the position of Club President.

David McLean will email John the names of potential candidates that he has received and John will contact these people to see if they would be prepared to take on the role. Once he had a final list it would be brought to the November meeting for further discussion and one person would be chosen by the committee to put to the members at the AGM on 4th December. 

Chairman of the House Report
With the coffee machine lease purchase now complete, I would recommend an upgraded coffee machine to produce the beverages with a quicker dispense cycle and a more varied product range. The lease purchase will be £208 per month and an income of £140-£160 per week being the average weekly income this will more than pay for itself over the three year contact. This was accepted by the committee and the order was placed, and my thanks to Noel for the sourcing and groundwork on this project.

I query the amount of money left on the members bar cards, and what we were going to do about it.

I also have serious concerns about the bar expenditure figures as the breakfast club in some way or other use the products purchased for the bar i.e. three lots of paper cups @ £55 per box.  Also the use of cheese, sausages, milk, sugar etc., at the end of the year this all adds up and I wouldn’t be surprised at a figure of £700-£900 to be realised. I have no objection to this the VAT saving is a consideration.

I have asked Graham for an ultimate list of board winners to complete the task for this year and I believe that the ordering of subsequent years will be carried out by him.

I will ring the Irish Club to confirm booking of 2nd December.


Liaison Committee
Nothing to report.

Any other Business
Graham again mentioned his concern over the staffing of the bar during busy periods at the weekend.

Brian Parkes said the Icopl will be providing us with a report of the roof.

Noel said that he is still working to obtain a report on which members still have credit on their bar cards and how much.

Ann asked Brian Gathern about stocks of wine for the lady members to buy with any of their remaining credit.

It was agreed that the Dinner & Dance would be held at the Irish Club, with no subsidy from the club. Brian Gathern will contact the club on our behalf.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Date of next meeting: Monday 6th November  2017 at 7.30pm