August Committee Meeting

Batchwood Hall Golf Club
Minutes of Co
mmittee Meeting held on Monday 7th August 2017


Present: Dave McLean, Nick Sheppard, Graham Harvey, Alan Williams, John Bruley, David Piper, Jon Clapham, Paul Manito, Grant Harbour, Brian Gathern, Brian Parkes, Noel Ragunathan.

Apologies: Ann Holahan.

The Club Captain took the chair and welcomed those present at 7.30pm.

Matters arising from June Meeting
Brian Parkes brought up the subject of the Club Pro at Batchwood. Dave McLean said that 1-Life was currently looking at this and we should know more detail in the near future. We as a club have no obligation to have Mark Flitton mentioned as the Club Pro on our website and we can remove his name at any time.

With no other matter arising from the July meeting, the minutes were approved.  Proposed by Brian Gathern and seconded by Nick Sheppard.

Captain’s Report
As I write this August report I find myself yet again trying to meet John’s deadline! Before taking on the mantle of Captain, past holders told me that the year would fly past. How right they were! I have survived 7 months and , effectively, have only 4 months left as December is a transitional period with our AGM taking place.

Further, as I write these words I am being reminded that 100 years ago today, at 0450hrs, The Battle of Passchendaele, also known as The Third Battle of Ypres, began. 105 days later, after the death of over 500,000, it ended. My paternal great grandfather survived this horror and lived to be 95. He never forgot his time in France.   The sacrifice of so many on all sides puts a bad round or shot into perspective.

The July Medals were won by  Div. 1-Brian Parkes (Nett 67),  Div. 2, Steve Horner (Nett 66) and 5 Day by Alan Williams (Nett 70).  Chiew Kong won the Ladies Medal. Well done to them all.

July also saw the Men’s Senior Championship take place with both the gross and nett competitions being won by Brian Howard with a 79 gross and 66 nett. Congratulations to Brian and well done to all who took part and a big thank you to everyone who supported the day. Full results for all BHGC competitions are on MasterScoreBoard.

BHGC was honoured to be the venue for over 70 participants in the finals of the NAPGC Stableford Competition. The day was a great success and the efforts of our volunteers During July we played HFL matches against Panshanger and Little Hay, both away and both resulting in losses, albeit by minimal margins. Thank you to all who played in the matches. We have two HFL matches in August, the first against Rickmansworth on the 12th and the second against Stevenage on the 26th. Players are needed for the Stevenage match so please sign up if you are able to play.  John Clapham will update us on the Millions of senior matches played during July!

During July BHGC Mitchell Thomson A&B teams played Ruislip A&B teams in area semi-finals. Whilst the A team lost, the B team, captained by Paul Manito,  won and now face Ruislip A in the area final. This will be played on Friday 18 August at 1300hrs home and away. If you are able to come and offer support, please do so. I’m sure it would be appreciated.

Paul and Brian Parkes have to play Tilgate Forest GC in the National semi-finals of the midweek pairs. This has to be played at a neutral venue and as Tilgate are from Croydon in Surrey there are only a few venues in between to choose from!!

If you are able to play, there are several mixed pairs competitions coming up so please sign up.

Last Saturday 5 August saw the Men’s’ Invitation Day. We had 34 pairs playing and there was food available before play, halfway and after. A big thank you to all of the volunteers and members who made the day a success. (I then mentioned people by name particularly thanking Noel and Bernie)

The day was a success and the weather was excellent. We had a good 9th hole challenge and we already close to finalising the accounts for the day. The overall winners were David Croft and Danny Deacon. I have to say that I was very disappointed with the speech made by Danny Deacon and thought that he rather spoiled the great day by his comments. However, many of us enjoyed the day and plenty of members and guests stayed late into the evening and it was good to see the club buzzing and busy. Some of us had a later night than others!!!

 As mentioned previously Tempus Fugit and I am in need of suggestions for the role of BHGC President. I have already received a number of suggestions but if anyone would like to put a name forward , please do so by emailing or texting  me and will compile a list and put this to committee in September, having spoken with the candidates to make sure they’d be willing and able to take on this position. I see this role as pro-active and not titular as I believe that the President should be active in moving the club forward.

 And finally, BHGC is now playing host too many societies etc. and this is a great source of income for us. Thank you to everyone who makes BHGC a welcoming venue for anyone who walks into our clubhouse. Please continue to be polite and helpful as possible as all visitors are potential members.

Lady Captain’s Report
I am pleased to announce that we have a new member, her name is Alison Higginbottom,.  We are delighted to have Alison join our club.

Maddi Cox won the July medal with a net 75.   Ann Holahan was runner up with a net 76. The 9-hole competition was won by Janice Smith.  Extra medal was won by Mila Howard with a net 72 - runner up was Maddi Cox with a net 72. 9-hole winner was Sheila Burton.

The UKPCC Regional final was won by Ann Holahan with 38 points.  Congratulations to our 2017 Lady Champion Liz Perrottet.  Liz has won this title four times over the years, well done Liz.   Best net was won by Lorraine White and runner up was Fran Toal.  Janet Mountain won the Bronze shield and Ann Holahan runner up.   Well done to all the ladies who played over the two days of Championship and a big thank you to Brian Gathern for the lovely buffet he prepared for us.

We lost the Area Final of the Hawtree to Basildon, thank you and congratulations to all the player’s on getting this far in the competition.

We halved our match against Panshanger. Unfortunately we had to cancel the match against Rickmansworth on 11th August. 

Thursday Fiddle and curry night was well attended, thank you to Noel for his delicious curry and also doing alternative meals for some of the ladies. 

The re-arranged date for Lady Captain’s Day is Tuesday 12th September.

Signup sheets for the Ron Ward Trophy (Mixed) are now on the Board in the lobby – to be played over the 26th 27th or 29th August, please get your name down ASAP.  Also the Hawtree Salver another Mixed competition on Sunday 3rd September.    

Liz Gardiner-Brown, our past Lady Captain is having her away day at Arkley Golf Club on Wednesday 11th October.  Thank you to Chiew Kong for her help in organizing this event.

Membership Report
No report.

Treasurer’s Report
Signed privileges letter received from St Albans Council - original passed to JB for filing in Club archives.

  • Bar Levy will be terminated Dec 31st 2017. JB will issue a email to all members reminding them of this closure date. NR will run report of all who have not used their bar levy money. Members will be given an opportunity to spend their bar levy money at the end of Dec on wine.

  • It was agreed that transition training of bar management from Brian Gathern to Noel Ragunathan will begin.

  • JB said that there were 9 new members (8M and 1L) - BP will use these numbers to pay the Interim HGU affiliation fees.

  • BP said that a letter had been received from Mercer and Hole to state that Paul Webster is retiring and that Ross Lane would be the new partner appointed to deal with BHGC financial affairs. 

  • In preparation for the end of year accounts all monies for this year must be credited to the bank by 28th Sept 2017. Also the stock take for the Bar and clothing has to be completed on 30th Sept 2017 and submitted to BP by  5th October 2107.

  • BP said he will issue a marked up document with the suggested changes to the constitution for submission as a proposal at the AGM. This document to be reviewed at the Sept committee meeting

  • BP to issue a balance statement detailing the H-I-O money in the pot

  • BP will table a overhead report at the Sept meeting which will be used to set the subs for 2017-18

  • BP will look into the roof leak

Five Day Report
The July medal was played a week later than usual as there was a Seniors match on the first Thursday of the month. It was won by Alan Williams with a nett 70. The August medal was played on time and was won by Brian Citron with a nett 73.

New member Paul Leeming was part of the winning pair for the 4BBB on 20th July, scoring an impressive 50 points with his partner.

The numbers taking part on a Thursday have continued at a high level with up to 40 on a couple of weeks.

There have been problems recently with the booking of buggies on Thursdays. On several occasions members who had previously booked arrived to find that their names were not on the list the following week. In addition we have been informed that buggies are booked out at 8am and 12 noon, which doesn’t fit in with tee times as most users start between 9 and 10am.

With more buggies now being required on Thursdays, I’ve spoken to those who book them to ask if wherever possible, they double up and this usually happens, with ‘new’ users now being aware of this situation.

I emailed the secretary and he forwarded the details on to the Centre, who responded swiftly. The system seemed to work more efficiently last Thursday with the introduction of receipts for bookings made for the following week

Senior Captain’s Report
We defeated Stockwood Park, Panshanger and Little Hay during July, all three were home matches.

Two matches to play being Radlett Park Away and Shendish at Home. 

I have the last four matches to account to the treasurer for in respect of match fees and will Transfer £240 from the seniors to the Club Main Account.

My away day is at Aldwickbury Park on Friday 20th October 2017. It will be a fun day with many Prizes Cost £45 per head entry fee and you will be asked to buy Raffle tickets to raise money for my chosen Charity “Hope for Children”. Cost covers Bacon Roll with Coffee/Tea, 18 holes of Golf, Prize fund and a two Course meal)

Competition Secretary’s Report
How are we controlling the amount of money in the Hole IN One Pot, how do we know how much is left in once a HIO is achieved and the Pot used for payment. As the money in now in general Bank account, several members are asking how much is left. List was updated on notice board in clubhouse on Fir 28th July by GH. Update 03-08-2107 may now require more funding, as of 29th July. Check if Ray Jeffrey’s Hole in One came from BHGC pot, as I am informed that he may have used personal insurance. 

Issue clarified at Finance Sub Committee meeting prior to main committee meeting.

Summer Comp’s are running relatively on track, a few instances stick out with delays due to crossing holidays, but all parties have been informed they must play the next round at the first possible time upon return of respective opponents, otherwise all parties will be removed from comps, although I don’t want to eliminate players. Draws were re-printed on Fir 28th July and posted on Competition Notice Board.

Thanks to Peter who, produced the Cards for Invitation as best as possible, prior to the Day and assisting on the day prior to play, and thanks to Nick who volunteered to input scores on the day, as I could not stay for the full day.

Entrance Fees have been passed to Dave Mclean, this amounted to £990 cash and £30 paid by one member via Card. Dave will produce a cost reconciliation sheet for the day. 

GH clarified accounting cost for Ball Sweep Invoice, presented by Melvyn, this was for balls to be used a BHGC competition prizes, not Invitation Day Ball Sweep, these were purchased on the Day by GH as none had been ordered, receipt and remaining cash handed to B Parkes. 

GH clarified reasons to play from 1st Tee for Invitation Day.

Brian G, Ann H and I had an Introductory meeting with the new centre GM, (Matt) on Fri 28th; discussion was informal, as Matt wanted to obtain an understanding of interaction between the Club and the Centre.

Issues discussed, Course condition, generally very good bit with a couple of problems, i) removal of tree on 13th, advised Matt to speak with Miles to remove or at least reduce fallen tree to a pile for removal, ii) repair of 5th green, Heath believes this will recover with seeding, not sure of current condition, we suggested discussion with Bruce Jameson, if he is still an advisor to one life, GH would seek advice from alternative PGA approved green-keeping expert, iii) advised that communication should be via liaison sub-committee currently Brian G, as one point of communication.

GH unable to speak with Green Keeping consultant (Dean Cleaver), but will seek to discuss on 8th Sept, if Dean attends society day.

Honorary Secretary’s Report
John thanked all of the members who helped out during Invitation Day on Saturday, making it a very successful and enjoyable day.

We have had 6 new members join the club since the July meeting (including one lady) which equates to 12 since January 2017.

Chairman of the House Report
Brian said that he felt the atmosphere in the clubhouse during Invitation Day was very good and much like ‘the old days’.

The bar takings had averaged around £1,200 over the past 4 weeks and we took £1,300 over the bar on Saturday for the above mentioned day.



Golf Course Improvements
No report.

Any other Business
Brian Parkes mentioned the damp patch on the ceiling near the bar area. Brian Gathern said that he was on the case.

Noel asked why we had not used the 4th as the first hole during Invitation Day on Saturday. After much discussion it was decided that in the future the current Club Captain would choose either the 1st or 4th as the first hole, giving the club another notice so that we could inform Heath Harris.

Date of next meeting: 4th September  2017 at 7.30pm